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ARPQ Home owners group

Who we are

ARPQ is widely recognised across the manufactured home park industry as the peak organisation in Queensland working for the interests of homeowners. We’ve been working in this sector since 2012 and during that time, our team has built up an unsurpassed level of cumulative expertise and experience. ARPQ operates as a not-for-profit organisation and is a member funded association which is managed by a committee of 9 volunteers.

Management committee

The committee members are all resident home owners in various manufactured home parks. This means they have first hand experience of the various issues faced by members, so you can enjoy peace of mind that they have the appropriate understanding to offer timely, effective and practical advice when needed.

What we do

We represent and protect the interests of owners of manufactured homes in residential parks and mixed dwelling parks. We strive to ensure transparent, fair and satisfactory site agreements and living arrangements.

Advisory sub-committee

Our dedicated advisory sub-committee is available to offer assistance to, or answer questions from, members. This advice can be on any issue from a difference with the park owner to a formal dispute about a rent increase including a QCAT Tribunal hearing.

Advocacy sub-committee

Members of the Advocacy sub-committee represent members interests on several Government panels which enables us to raise issues of concern. This advocacy provides us with the opportunity to promote legislative amendments to provide greater protections for homeowners.

ARPQ Home owners group

Why we do it

We believe that it’s important to have a strong voice on state and federal issues affecting the  manufactured homes industry. We remain steadfastly committed to ensuring that our members enjoy satisfactory living arrangements with fair site agreements. We achieve these objectives by working closely with homeowners, seniors’ associations within Queensland and across other states, and directly with government.

Our vision and missions

Our Vision

Associated Residential Parks Queensland’s vision is to achieve a fair balance of power between park owners and homeowners to result in a lifestyle free from stress and angst.

Our Mission

  1. To protect the interests of our home-owner members in residential parks.
  2. To assist current and prospective homeowners in understanding their rights under legislation.
  3. To provide support to residents through our advisory sub-committee on resolving contentious issues which may arise in their parks.
  4. To maintain a strong voice in both the state and federal governments relative to the issues affecting our members.
  5. To advocate for reviews of relevant legislation, to introduce amendments pertaining to specific sections of the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003 (the Act), some of which are biased against homeowners.
  6. To provide input through meetings and submission to the Government to influence amendments to legislation on behalf of and of benefit to our members.
  7. To produce regular newsletters and special bulletins to ensure our members are fully informed of our activities and matters of concern.

A member-focused organisation

We focus first and foremost on you, our members.

Our principal activity is the provision of support for both our individual members and association members in dealing with park owners, managers and government agencies.

We work hard to strike a balance of fairness between park owners and homeowners under the Act.

The advice we provide includes assistance in dispute resolution processes from the initial complaint all the way through to QCAT Tribunal hearings.

ARPQ Home owners group hands

We spend a significant amount of time advocating for and representing homeowners’ interest to the various relevant government departments, such as the Department of Communities and Housing. We also discuss various issues and problems of concern directly with ministers, opposition spokespeople, and politicians of all backgrounds and persuasions. Our lobbying activities include calls for legislation reviews via formal submissions and other means. 

Our committee members regularly participate in government department panels to represent the interests of our members. These panels enable us to promote various issues of concern and provide suggestions for improvement to the current legislation. 

In conjunction with other seniors’ organisations, we work closely with the Queensland State Government on its “Right where you live” initiative. The objectives of this initiative are designed to assist both current and prospective homeowners in:

  • Understanding the recent changes to the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act.
  • Improving their capacity to represent their interests to park owners and park managers. 


Industry associations:

  • ARPQ is a member of multiple government bodies and one of a few sponsored associations with a government-provided grant for the RWYL program to keep manufactured homeowners informed.
  • We represent members in several Department of Housing working groups

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