Advice and advocacy for homeowners in Manufactured Home Parks in Queensland

ARPQ is the peak organisation working in the interests of and representing homeowners living in manufactured home parks in Queensland.

What does ARPQ do?

ARPQ provides homeowner members with, and assists them to access, trusted and reliable sources of advice. We also strive to ensure that members voices are heard by park owners and Government in relation to matters that affect their interests and wellbeing.

The committee at ARPQ are dedicated to ensuring that you are being treated fairly by your park owner and to help you achieve satisfaction with your living arrangements. We help members to navigate their relationships with park owners and problem-solve issues should they arise in a stress-free and effective manner. Our experienced advisors are always ready and happy to offer assistance whenever they are needed.

What are manufactured home parks?

Manufactured homes are sometimes referred to as Over 50s Lifestyle Resorts, Residential Parks or Land Lease Communities.

picture of a manufactured home

Owning a home in a manufactured home park

The key feature to owning a home in a manufactured home lifestyle resort is that you need to enter an ongoing and long term relationship with the owner of the park. The document outlining this agreement is called a Site Agreement.

Homeowners actually own the home in which they are living however the land upon which their home is located is leased from the park owner who is responsible for providing services, facilities, and amenities in return for payment of a site rent.

Understanding Site Agreements

The Site Agreement, the Park Rules and the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003, outline your various rights and obligations.

If you feel overwhelmed or at a loss regarding how to approach this voluminous documentation, check out our resources page which includes a number of fact sheets and a link to the current version of the Act. Alternatively, contact our Advisory sub-committee. They are there to help.

Preparing to buy a manufactured home

We strongly recommend anyone considering buying a manufactured home in a lifestyle resort spend the time and energy to become fully informed. There are important differences between owning a home in a residential park and regular house ownership.

If you’re not sure where to even begin your research, don’t worry! We’re here to help. You can find the information you need about Queensland residential parks at the following links.

Helpful resources:

Importantly before signing any documents one should obtain legal advice and financial advice.

Get personalised advice and tailored assistance.

Why choose ARPQ?

Our team of advisors are experienced in the manufactured home industry. With a wealth of experience, we work closely with our members to ensure satisfaction with their Site Agreement and living arrangements. We provide the facts and tell you the truth because we know you deserve nothing less.

We are recognised by Government, politicians and others and advocate for legislative change to ensure a more equitable balance of power between home owners and park owners.”

If you are interested in ensuring a fair balance of interest between you, as the homeowner, and the park owner, make sure you sign up for ARPQ membership today!

ARPQ membership

When you join ARPQ as a member, you’ll receive the latest and most up to date advice on your rights and obligations as a resident of a manufactured home park.

We’ll help you wade through the complexities of conducting negotiations with the park owner and help with the procedures involved in dispute resolution.

You’ll also receive reliable advice as a homeowner considering moving into a park if you’re not sure that it’s the right decision for you.

Testimonials – member benefits

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