State ALP Government’s Secret Deals with Park Operators

Back in July 2015 I made a factual comment about park operators ignoring the legislation covering residential parks when wishing to reward themselves handsomely by way of a site increase. I hasten to say that all businesses are entitled to make a profit but fairly and where there exists legislative procedures for such increases, the legislation must be followed.

Not so with residential park operators. In fact, without mentioning a word to home owners, the State Government made increasing site rents easier and without actually changing the legislative requirement. In any legislation there’s always a dictionary that will explain what various words or phrases  mean. In December of 2014 the State Labour Government changed a section of the dictionary pertaining to site fee increases. Without going into great detail (look at our newsletter section for “A very Special Newsletter” for March 2016). What this Labour Government did was to change the meaning for “how site fee increases should be made”, which is totally contrary to what the legislation actually requires, what this alteration did was to bypass the legislative requirements which required a park operator to show home owners the calculations as to how the increase is qualified. Now, all that is required, is for park operators to get together and compare site fees and charge accordingly. It’s called a “cartel” which is illegal under the Fair Trading Act but with friends in Government, anything is possible. It’s called corruption. Remember how the Labour government is for the little guy?The result of this very friendly gesture by government to park operators is not just a generous handout, its an absolute “pig-out” to the cost of pensioner home owners. Who would want to live in a residential park?

The open market economy we supposedly enjoy is based on competition and without the interference of government so when government does intervene to prop-up good friends any element of trust is gone. There all crooks.

David Paton


State ALP Government’s Secret Deals with Park Operators — 1 Comment

  1. Other creeping restrictions are coming in such as when you wish to sell you villa/home the site sales office will not market you home unless you give them sole agency. They clearly have ‘market power’ in this regard but they are not using it for ‘illegal purposes’ so it’s not illegal to impinge on people’s freedom of choice in our so called free market. By free, businesses mean “free to do as we like.”