Home Owners Committees

We receive many complaints from our members about the behaviour of some home owners committees. For the full explanation about this unfortunate state of affairs please go to our Special Bulletins page. All will be explained.

The Lamb to the Slaughter

This is another true story emanating from the residential parks industry and the cruel legislation passed by the Beattie Labour Government that allowed this to happen. We at ARPQ are well known for helping our members and one lady living … Continue reading

This was no Lady

This is a story that must be told. A pensioner home owner living in a residential park, a returned service man who spent much time in the Middle East fighting and unknown enemy was treated very contemptuously by a female claiming … Continue reading

Yobbo Park Operators

This is a very recent true story that emphasises the yobbo element that exist among residential park operators. Imagine if you will yobbo’s trying to sell a residential park in the greater Brisbane area to other yobbo’s well known in … Continue reading

The Protection Racket

Here are two situations that prove beyond all reasonable doubt that home owners living in residential parks have no protection by way of any legislation. Case 1. The dreaded site fee increase. We know of home owners living in a … Continue reading