IMG_0333aResidential parks are a great concept but there are traps you should be aware of.

Contact us before you sign on the dotted line.

We are dedicated in striking a true balance of interest between park operators and home owners.

We will tell you the truth.

Ordinary Individual Membership

Ordinary membership of ARPQ is open to all current and prospective home owners in residential parks in Queensland.


The annual fee is $15.00 per person.

Members are entitled to all possible assistance in understanding their rights under legislation, setting up and running home owner associations and committees, and in dealing with disputes in a park including advice, letter writing, assistance with complaint procedure and submissions to the Tribunal.


Association Membership

Association membership of ARPQ is for home owner associations from individual parks.

The annual membership fee is $75.00 per association. This provides the association and its committee with access to all the information and support available from ARPQ as per any other member.

However, an association is deemed one body and is only entitled to one vote at any ARPQ meeting. That vote is cast by the nominated representative of the home owners association.


If an individual home owner association member needs more personal assistance, that member is expected to join ARPQ as an individual member and pay the usual membership fee.

ARPQ Membership Application Forms